MTAQ Modified

Since 2013, the More Than a Game Foundation has worked passionately with local schools and athletic teams to raise money and awareness for upstate New York hospitals and cancer centers. In that time, MTAG has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with the goal of combating cancer right here in our local communities.

New to the MTAG family is More Than a Quest (MTAQ), which continues the fight through non-athletic competition and events such as video and tabletop gaming. By teaming up with local gaming stores, comic shops, movie theaters and more, More Than a Quest looks forward to pushing cancer to the losing side of this all-too-important battle.

As the newest member of the MTAG team, you can expect a lot of exciting new developments from More Than A Quest in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back soon!


  • Twin Tiers Comic Con – September 16th and 17th (Elmira, NY)

    Join MTAQ at the Twin Tiers Comic Con in Elmira, NY! Check out our table and hear about our upcoming events — and test out the bridge simulator! You and a team of friends can take the controls of a space-bound starship.

Click here to learn more about Twin Tiers Comic Con (T2C2)!

  • RoberCon – September 30th and October 1st (Binghamton, NY)

    MTAQ returns to the Con scene for RoberCon, Binghamton’s exciting Science Fiction convention. Drop by and say hi — we’ll have lots to share about an upcoming (and sci-fi related!) project. Also, MTAQ’s Alex Richmond will speak on the panel “Welcome to LARPing: A Beginner’s Guide To Live-Action Roleplay” (Planetarium at Noon) about the importance and prevalence of Live-Action events within our region.

Click here to learn more about RoberCon!

  • No news at this time… but there’s a hefty announcement on the way! Stay tuned!