With the weather just teasing us with 70 degree temperatures this Mid-Winter Break week, it reminds us that Spring is just around the corner. And with the Spring comes baseball and softball season, and the scheduling of STRIKE OUT CANCER games.

Many of the schools in the area will host their own event at their home field, but some may have the chance to play in the STRIKE OUT CANCER GAMES AT OCC (Onondaga Community College).

For years now, MTAG and OCC have worked together to give teams the chance to play baseball or softball and help fight cancer locally, while having the opportunity to play on the all-synthetic grass fields at OCC. Proceeds from the games will stay locally and support UPSTATE GOLISANO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL and the UPSTATE CANCER CENTER.  MTAG has asked teams to do their part by raising pledges, and MTAG and OCC will do their part by providing games times at the OCC Stadium – again both baseball and softball – sponsored by SOS – provider of the Athletic Trainers coverage for all the games.

MTAG would like to thank the teams getting involved – and would also like to thank OCC for their help – together we can STRIKE OUT CANCER…ONE GAME AT A TIME.


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